Custom Made Bomber Jacket

Get In The Latest Style Today With Bomber Jackets!

Now you and your team members can wear the awesome custom-made bomber jackets with your logos, initials, or words on them. It is time to be cool and stand out from the rest!

Your bomber jacket will be made of waterproof fabric with elastic cuffs, quality zip and multiple choices of lining. Decorate your jacket with logos or words.  Pick the best match for your needs. Design your bomber jacket fast and easy using our Bomber Jacket Online Designer App.

We accept custom-made bomber jacket orders for a minimum quantity of 20 units.

Details about Our Custom-Made Bomber Jackets

Styles of Bomber Jackets


We have 3 choices of outer fabric for the custom made bomber jacket. We offer wide variety of colours that you can choose from.

Taslan fabric and available colours

Taslan fabric, which is a fabric made of polyester with a layer of rubber coating to make it waterproof.









Scott Puma fabric with available colours

Scott Puma fabric, made of 100% polyester.
Its surface looks shiny and with lined texture.












Despo fabric and available colours

Despo fabric, made of polyester with litte cotton.
This fabric texture is softer than taslan and scott puma, but not waterproof.

Note: Actual fabric colour may differ from colours shown on your monitor.

Inner Fabric - Lining for Bomber Jackets

Soft Satin

Made of polyester which has the characteristics of thin, soft, and little bit shiny. This fabric is not water-proof.


Made of polyester, soft, smooth and shiny. This fabric is not water-proof.


Combination of polyethylene terephthalate ‘dacron’ sheet as heat insulator and micro-polyester fabric as inner layer. Compared to other types of lining, quilt lining makes the jacket thicker, making it warmer for the wearer.


Customize your bomber jackets with patch or embroidered logo, letters, or words at the front, back, right sleeve, or left sleeve.


Design Your Bomber Jacket NOW

Use our Online Designer App today and unleash your creativity! You can now design your varsity jackets with ease. It is recommended that you use a full screen computer or laptop to make your design.