Custom-Made T-shirt

We offer wide variety of fabric colours and materials for your custom-made t-shirt. Suitable for group order t-shirt be it for your class, club, society, company, or any organization and even for any special event.

Our Minimum Order Quantity for custom-made t-shirts start from 30 pieces.

Type and Styles

Fabric & Colour

Cotton 20


Microfiber Eyelet

Microfiber Eyelet 180g

Microfiber Interlock

Microfiber Interlock 150g

Click on the fabric image above to see the description and colour choice of each type of fabric.


Design Your T-shirt NOW

Online Design Tool

Select the style, change the colours, and start adding text, images, or ready-made graphics. It is recommended that you use a full screen computer or laptop to make your design.

AI Templates

We also provide Adobe Illustrator (AI) templates. You can use our templates to create your t-shirt design.