custom made


Go for original comfort with
custom made windbreaker

You can make it as team jackets for your company or any organization in unique looks.

Our custom made windbreaker made of quality fabric. It gives you the flexibility to wear as an outer shell to protect from the wind or cool climate.

Minimum order 20pcs

4~8 weeks production

depends on order quantity, design and specification

Several choices of fabric

according to your needs and budget

Choose your windbreaker style



Taslan fabric is made of high quality and high density synthetic fibers. It is very strong to withstand wind and water. Taslan is a bit thick fabric and its under layer is coated with clear coating to make it waterproof.

Taslan fabric available in the following colours:

Parachute Milky

Parachute Milky fabric is made of polyster and coated with rubber inside layer to make it waterproof. The texture is smoother and lighter compared to the taslan.

Parachute milky fabric available in the following colours:

Thin Parachute (inner lining)

Thin Parachute is a very thin fabric made of polyester and nylon blends. The surface is shiny, smooth but not waterproof.

Parachute fabric available in the following colours:
Black, navy blue, green, white and red.

Mesh (inner lining)

Mesh fabric is the type of fabric for the inner lining of the jacket like windbreaker.

Mesh fabric available in white and black colour.


silk screen printing

regular embroidery

patch embroidery