How To Order

  • Contact us to get initial information about your order (t-shirts or jackets, color of fabric, design, etc.)

  • Prepare a sketch of your design and information about the clothing you are going to order (quantity, sizes, pattern, etc.) and make a payment of certain amount as a deposit for design.

  • We will create a computer graphic design based on your sketch. We will also make a visual of how the t-shirts or jackets you order will look like. At this stage, you will need to to check and confirm that everything is as you wanted; the design, colors, text, etc. Inform us if there is any mistake on the visual. You can request for design changes for a maximum of 2 times.

  • After agreeing with the design and visual representation, you can make either full payment or deposit payment for your order.

  • We will complete your order within the specified amount of time that has been agreed.

  • After the custom clothing is ready, we will inform you so that you can pick them up at our premise or we can send them to your location (delivery charges apply).