Custom-Made Baseball Jersey

Custom-made baseball jersey

Either you really play baseball or just having fun and looking cool wearing it with your friends, this baseball jersey – or some call it ‘baseball shirt’ – is definitely meant for everybody.

We accept order of custom-made baseball jerseys for a minimum quantity of 20 units.

You may put your own decorations on it :

  • Embroidered logo
  • Screenprinted logo
  • Screenprinted name and number

Baseball Jersey Online Designer App


Get creative today and use our Online Designer App to design your baseball jersey with ease.

Just select the style of clothing, change the colour, and start adding text, images, or ready-made graphics. It is so easy!

No more clothing templates to download. Use of any graphic editing software is not necessary. Plus, you can directly send your design to us to get a quotation. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Click the button below and start designing now!

Baseball Jersey Designs

We offer these 4 styles of baseball jerseys: standard, standard with piping, raglan, and raglan with piping.


Available from XXS to 2XL. More options of sizes are available upon request.

Refer the size measurement chart below.


Fabric Material

We offer either cotton or microfiber fabric for your custom-made baseball jerseys.

Our expert advice:

  • If you wish to wear the jersey as casual clothing, choose cotton.
  • If you really play baseball and will wear it during training or competition, choose microfiber.