Custom-Made T-shirt

We offer wide variety of fabric colours and materials for your custom-made t-shirt. Suitable for group order t-shirt be it for your class, club, society, company, or any organization and even for any special event.

T-shirt Online Designer App


You can use our Online Designer App to design your own custom-made t-shirts with ease.

Just select the style of t-shirt, change the colour, and start adding text, images, or ready-made graphics. As easy as pie!

No more t-shirt templates to download. Use of any graphic editing software is not necessary. Furthermore, you can directly send your design to us for a quotation. We will reply to you the soonest possible.

Click the button below and start designing now!

Sizes & Measurements

Adult T-shirt Sizes

Kids T-shirt Sizes

Fabric & Colour

Cotton 180g

Microfiber Interlock 150g

Microfiber Interlock 150g

Microfiber Eyelet 180g

Microfiber Eyelet 180g

White • Light Grey • Green • Lime Green • Yellow • Orange • Magenta • Pink • Red • Maroon • Purple • Light Blue • Sea Blue • Royal Blue • Turqouise Blue • Navy Blue • Black