Custom Made Caps

We provide the custom made caps – baseball cap, hip-hop cap, trucker cap and sun visor cap – for whatever your needs, from the  lifestyles to the sports and also industries. Whether it be flat or curved type of visor, 5 or 6 panels, snapbacks etc… we can do it for you.

Minimum Order Quantity: from 3 dozens (36 caps)*
Turnaround time: 3 weeks* or more

The minimum order and turn around time is completely depends on the order quantity and the complexity of the design.

Types of Caps

Click the cap image below to see the gallery of each type of cap

The baseball cap is originally a part of the traditional American baseball uniform, with the curved brim pointing forward as shield from the sunlight. Now it become a common fashion accessory around the world.

Hip hop cap, also known as snapback cap, is a 6 panel full crown and structured with a wide flat brim. This cap fitted with and adjustable snap on the back, makes it one size fits all.

Trucker cap originally is a type of baseball cap with a net at the back. It also called mesh cap or netback cap. Now there is also a trucker cap with flat brim, making it  look like hiphop cap.

Sun visor cap is designed for outdoor sport use. It keep the sun out of your eyes and focus on game. Sun visor caps are also the perfect giveaway for your branding.

Crown Options


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