How To Create Design Online

You can use our online design tool to create your clothing design. Refer guides below.



You can click on each tab to show it’s content in a column at left side of design area, and click again to hide it (or click ‘X’ beside the column).

CHOOSE STYLE – This is where you can choose the style of your custom-made clothing. Some type of clothing has variation of styles, pattern, or accessories. For example; regular or raglan sleeves, added hoodie, extra zipper, etc.

MANAGE LAYERS – Here you can select each designated part of the clothing and change its colour. When you add image, graphics, and text, you can also select each layer and change their specified properties.

+IMAGES – You can upload your own image, graphic, or logo to be placed on the clothing. Please upload images that are not too small… but not too big either.

+TEXT – Add letters, name of team, or any text or words you want to show on the clothing. You can set the colour, arrange the words, make it curve, and many more.

+GRAPHICS – We have provided several ready-made graphics that you can use to complete your design on the clothing. Feel free to use it. If you can’t find one that you want to use, you can always create it on your own and upload it via the +IMAGE tab.



UNDO & REDO – Undo or redo your actions on the clothing.

ZOOM – Take a close-up look to your design by moving the slider to the right, and zoom-out by moving the slider to the left. Click the 4-arrow icons beside it to drag the screen, and click it again to release the drag ability.

SAVE – Save your custom-made clothing design within your computer’s browser cache. Please note that you will not get the design on another computer and you may also lose it if you turn off the computer you are using.

LOAD – Load the custom-made clothing design you have saved with the SAVE function.

DOWNLOAD – Download the custom-made clothing design to your computer in the format of JPG, PNG, or PDF.


After you have finished designing, click the RED button below the designer to proceed to the next step.

You can also share your finished design with your friends and collegues on social media or email by clicking the BLUE button.