Payment Method

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There are 2 type of payment to proceed order:

  1. Pay in full amount in advance
  2. Deposit 60% and balance payment before delivery or during collection.

Payment can be made using methods below:

    1. By cash at our premise.
    2. Bank transfer to our bank account. Please do not deposit any amount to our account before you receive a price confirmation from us. Customer can use ATM transfer, CDM or online bank transfer.
    3. Pay by local cheque.
    4. Pay with credit card or debit card. Refer to Pay with credit or debit card
    5. Pay to our Paypal account.

Please note that any fee of payment transaction will be borne by customer.
If the payment is made by credit/debit card, cheque and international bank transfer, we will start process order or arrange delivery after the payment has been cashed in our bank account.